Hello from the Universe

2013 - 10 - 17

Invisible River

Time: 09:44

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Hello Araceli,

Aerial performers dancing on ropes above a
river I hope you are well today! I received the letter you wrote, your teacher must be very proud.

Summer has ended here, I had some adventures. Here is a picture from one of them. My friend did an aerial dance using ropes to hang above a river in our city. Many people came to see the performance.

Take care,

~ Pablo

2013 - 10 - 08


Time: 12:01

Path: /letters/araceli

The girl is learning how to write but she is having a little trouble, but she is very happy to see your letter, her face lights up when she recieves your letters.

Next time she will write her own letter, because she is very excited about that.

Thank You,

Evelin, teacher

Little by Little

Time: 12:01

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The girl has difficulty in the speech, that little by little she will improve, but she is very happy to receive your letter.

Thanks for thinking about her.

Teacher, Evelin

First Grade

Time: 12:01

Path: /letters/araceli

Letter Hello

In the afternoon I play with my dolls and I help my Mom. I am in first grade.



2013 - 05 - 06


Time: 17:58

Path: /philanthropy

If we can't save coral reefs, maybe the robots can? Sure, and if it doesn't work, at least there will be robots. Apparently a group out of Edinburgh in the UK is developing robots that will be smart enough to transplant corals, which can then regrow after being damaged or destroyed.

Their Kickstarter project promises to prepare them for a live demonstration.

Brain Workshop

Time: 17:58

Path: /philanthropy

Apparently, you can become smarter. There is a Free software implementation of the dual n-back task, which, according to some studies, may increase working memory and thereby fluid intelligence with practice. There links to several studies at the Brainworkshop game website suggesting intelligence gains as high as 40%.

The author takes donations.

2013 - 03 - 21

Velkess Energy Storage

Time: 16:53

Path: /philanthropy

The bulk of my little sponsorship this month is going to another Kickstarter project: Velkess Energy Storage. Their promise is to revolutionize energy storage in a way that will make solar powered homes and buildings significantly more cost effective.

Their secret? A flywheel, made practical by a flexible support. As of this writing the project hasn't found enough backers to receive funding; I hope a few more people step up soon, the energy industry could use a little shaking up.

2013 - 03 - 17

Chinese New Year

Time: 18:34

Path: /letters/araceli

Hi Araceli,

Chinese New Year celebration in

I hope your vacation is going well.

The Chinese New Year started in February. I went to the Chinatown area of Philadelphia and saw the celebration. There were people who dressed up in lion costumes and danced, and there were fireworks. The tradition is meant to bring good luck and fortune to the community.

Have you been to any parades or dances? Would you wear a costume if you went?

Take care!


2013 - 02 - 27


Time: 15:27

Path: /philanthropy

I backed a few Kickstarter projects before I decided to start writing about them or having any particular criteria. Here are a few highlights.


Time: 15:13

Path: /philanthropy

That word makes me want to wash my mouth out. According to Wikipedia it means "love of humanity." It tastes of stuffy rich dudes trying to assuage their consciousnesses without getting their hands dirty. My language preferences aside, it's probably a worthwhile idea.

Dave Ramsey has a financial plan that got me out of debt back in 2010. Being a Christian, he instructs other Christians to tithe 10% of their income to their church. I don't buy the "Benevolent Sky Man" story, but his claim that generosity is worth learning makes sense to me, so I will hand off a small percentage of my small income on a monthly basis.

Suffering appears to be inevitable, and the people with real money and power seem to be happy with the bombs and bullets. I'll assume that the world isn't broken, and focus on projects that might actually make a dent in my experience of the Universe.

As of this writing, Kickstarter has the bulk of my attention; people completing tangible goals that, once done, stay done. Any projects that increase knowledge and potential for everyone are likely to particularly appeal to me.

I am also sponsoring the education and care of a little girl in Bolivia. Totally fails my "useless rich dude" taste test, but a large percentage of people all over the world seem to think that women are supposed to be uneducated, beaten up, raped, disfigured, maybe killed. Don't know that this changes anything, but it's a fun little way to respond to that idea.